About Us

Neptune Tactical’ s goal is to serve as the foundation for maritime excellence worldwide, through professional products and instruction that will assist the operator in performing properly prepare assigned duties in the navigation, small boat maintenance, transportation, small boat operations and maritime special operations planning and execution but also provide military units with proposals for new doctrine, tactics, methods and procedures for various Maritime Response Operations. Our goal is to develop a diverse and talented group of Maritime Operators and Maintainers through professional products, training, education, mentoring and opportunities for teams and individuals to gain experience and realize their full potential.

Neptune Tactical has numerous products that include; Casualty control kit, maritime operator suit, maritime helmet, dry suit, maritime operator’s vest, navigation bag, visit board search and seizure kit, emergency distress kit, operator’s gloves, 1st line bag, 2nd line bag, 3rd line bag, and operator seat holders. 



 Contact us at dwylie@jawaa.org