Maritime Equipment

Neptune Tactical is a veteran owned company that creates superior products that enhance the safety, operational readiness, and performance of military and working professionals in the maritime environment. Our team consist of retired military professionals that served specifically in the special warfare maritime environment. Our goal is to be innovators in maritime purpose equipment and gear that will directly support maritime operations.
Neptune Tactical also provides training, our company focuses on providing education and training to United States military personnel, international security personnel and commercial industry focused on the maritime environment. Neptune Tactical specializes in training analysis, training plan development, curriculum development and execution of maritime training requirements.
Neptune Tactical offers basic and advanced training to law enforcement, security personnel and military professional’s worldwide covering a wide-range of missions and tactical situations in a maritime environment. The team’s historical background includes over 150 years of military experience and interaction with emergency scenarios. Their extensive knowledge and professional mindset led to the creation of such indispensable product for marine vessels.
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